The Unified Theory of Everything                                                        INDEX

Everything in life is symbolized by a circle. A circle has no end or no beginning, yet has a path.
As we search for the answer to the grand old question "Why?", we are led on 2 different paths
that will ultimately lead to the same point on the circle.

One path is the path of simplicity. Simplicity is letting go, and seeing the world through the eyes
of a child. Some would say this path is naive, and only leads to superstition, and fantasy, but in a circle
the 2 paths must meet at the same point eventually.

The second path is complexity. Complexity strives for a greater understanding of how things work.
Year after year science discovers new truths as it follows the path of complexity. Science is learning
that the design of complexity, is also very simple.

I believe we are at a time, when the two paths will meet at the top of circle. Both equations, yielding the same answer.



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